See also my Google Scholar profile for an always-updated list.

Otherwise, below, click article names for link to papers.


Little C.J., Chapuis M.-P., Blondin L., Chapuis E., Jourdan-Pineau H. (2017) Exploring the relationship between tychoparthenogenesis and inbreeding depression in the Desert Locust, Schistocerca gregariaEcology & Evolution 7:6003–6011.

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Little C.J., Cutting H.B.U., Alatalo J.M., Cooper E. (2017) Short-term herbivory has long-term consequences in warmed and ambient high Arctic tundra. Environmental Research Letters 12:025001.


Pfeifer-Meister L., Bridgham S.D., Reynolds L.L., Goklany M.E., Wilson H.E., Little C.J., Ferguson A., Johnson B.R. (2016) Climate change alters plant biogeography in Mediterranean prairies along the West Coast, USA. Global Change Biology 22:845-855.

Little C.J., Wheeler J.A., Sedlacek J., Cortés A.J., Rixen C. (2016) Small-scale drivers: the importance of nutrient availability and snowmelt timing on performance of the alpine shrub Salix herbacea. Oecologia.


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Alatalo J.M., Little C.J., Jägerbrand A.K., Molau U. (2015) Vascular plant abundance and diversity in an alpine heath under observed and simulated global change. Scientific Reports 5:10197.


Alatalo J.M., Little C.J., Jägerbrand A.K., Molau U. (2014) Dominance hierarchies, diversity and species richness of vascular plants in an alpine meadow: contrasting short and medium term responses to simulated global change. PeerJ 2:e406

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