Join Us!

I will start my research group at Simon Fraser University in January 2021.

In my personal experience, including ideas and perspectives from a group that is diverse in terms of identity and disciplinary background (e.g. empirical vs. theoretical, community vs. ecosystem ecology) leads to better and more interesting science. We also have more energy and capacity to do creative science when we have good work-life balance. If a research group based on those principles sounds good to you and you’re interested in the research that we do (please check out the “research” tab), please get in touch about joining the lab as an undergraduate researcher, graduate student, or postdoc. Members of under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.

I will be recruiting 1-2 graduate students in 2021 – official recruitment ad(s) to come.  

I do not have funding to support postdocs, but I would be happy to help you develop a fellowship application to work in my group. Some postdoc fellowship options are: NSERC, Banting, Liber Ero, MITACS (requires organizational matching funds). There may be others that match your profile.